In Europe, you cannot just transport dangerous goods and substances by road – it is prohibited. The transport of so-called ADR goods (Accord européen relatief au transport international de marchandises Dangereuses par Route – European regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods) requires the right expertise and knowledge. Important aspects of ADR Transport include that the transport of these goods goes smoothly, safely, and in accordance with the special regulations

Certificated and professional employees
Certificated and professional employees
The strength of joining forces: ADR and temperature control
The strength of joining forces: ADR and temperature control
One Stop Shopping
One Stop Shopping
 Safety thanks to ADR-equipped vehicles and materials
Safety thanks to ADR-equipped vehicles and materials

Certificated and professional employees

Safety is a primary consideration where the carriage of ADR goods is concerned, which is why all our expert drivers possess an ADR training certificate. This shows that they have the knowledge to handle and carry ADR goods in accordance with European regulations. In order to keep their knowledge up-to-date, our drivers attend a course annually, after which their knowledge is tested.

Safety thanks to ADR-equipped vehicles and materials

What is more, all our vehicles are equipped in accordance with ADR regulations, so your shipment can be transported in a safe and reliable manner. Our fleet is tested every year. Our cross-dock also contains all facilities needed for handling ADR products safely. You can be assure your goods will be handled safely.

Veiligheid door ADR-uitgeruste auto’s en materialen
One Stop Shopping

One stop shopping

Shipping hazardous material can be quite challenging, but not for Veenstra|Fritom! We take the entire ADR transport process out of your hands. Total control, sent anywhere you want, whenever you want. Ideal for you as our partner, we organize your logistic process according to your wishes and thus offer the best possible solution to you as customer.

“The service Veenstra|Fritom provides, runs smoothly’’

Edwin Terpstra
Senior Transport & Logistic Specialist, Vitablend


“Together, with Veenstra|Fritom, we keep on evolving. We are a rock-solid combination.”

Tonnis Beishuizen
Sales Manager, Biron


The strength of joining forces: ADR and temperature control

Do you have an ADR shipment that needs to be transported under temperature-controlled conditions? Linken. Or is it shipped to a destination outside the Netherlands? We got you covered, also when it comes to temperature! We are the best partner when regarding temperature-controlled transport, from 2 to 25 degrees Celsius. Veenstra|Fritom is your supplier for ADR goods across Europe, from a single drum to a full truckload: we are always there for you, from the first inquiry request to the final transport. You can rely on us for the transportation of good from chemicals to paint products.

De kracht van de combinatie: ADR en thermo

Take also advantage of:

  • Certificated and expert personnel
  • Safety thanks to ADR-equipped vehicles and materials
  • The strength of joining forces: ADR and temperature control
  • One-stop shopping

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