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“Together, with Veenstra|Fritom, we keep on evolving. We are a rock-solid combination.”

Tonnis Beishuizen — Sales Manager, Biron

As market leader in the field of micronutrients in the Netherlands it is crucial to Biron, located in Dronten, the Netherlands, that the transport of their ADR-goods is properly taken care of. Although not flammable, the concentrated fertilizer that needs to be transported is still dangerous and therefore needs to be transported complied to ADR-regulations. To have logistic peace of mind, Veenstra|Fritom has continuously been the partner of this specialist in fertilizers and chemicals.

Biron distinguishes itself globally by combining knowledge with the use of high-end raw materials, like vitamins and minerals for plants. “We are big in small products”, commercial manager Tonnis Beishuizen starts explaining. “Our company was founded in 2005, where we carried out transport of our products in-house. Our rapid growth asked for a logistic partner. This partner mainly had to become an extension of our company when it came to ADR.”

Since then, Veenstra|Fritom takes care of the ADR transport for Biron. “I think there are a few carriers that are so focused on ADR transport.” According to Beishuizen a combination of ingredients make of Veenstra|Fritom the ideal carrier for Biron: “When trucks are on their way back to their home base in Heeg, the Netherlands, they can easily pick up something in Dronten. Their IT supporting services have also been developed at a high level, making the cooperation very pleasant.”

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Besides Biron’s ADR transport, Veenstra|Fritom also takes care of the 24-hour distribution within the Netherlands and the Euro groupage for the company. “Flexibility is leading for the staff of Veenstra|Fritom. It is always possible to have a quick call and during these moments it is possible to shift quickly from one department to another. The flexible communication, the support and practical solutions are what make our partnership rock-solid. ‘Together, with Veenstra|Fritom, we keep on evolving.

Because Biron is dealing with production time, internal and external factors are very important. “The combination of production and delivery time is quite the challenge. When a shipment is ready sooner than expected, it can still be signed up and put on the daily transport. Veenstra|Fritom offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to this, and it’s these sort of things that makes our collaboration very pleasant. A logistic service supplier like Veenstra|Fritom is therefore indispensable for our production process.”

Interested in ADR transport, Eurogroupage or 24-hour distribution by Veenstra|Fritom?

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