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“The service Veenstra|Fritom provides, runs smoothly’’

Edwin Terpstra — Senior Transport & Logistic Specialist, Vitablend

In 2016, Vitablend started looking for a partner that was able to provide transport that could help guarantee the quality of our high-end products. The company develops nutritional premixes and antioxidant blends, for which reliable ADR - and temperature-controlled transport is paramount. The search ended that same year After meeting Veenstra|Fritom and since then all goods are transported via them. “Transport has to run perfectly, but we don’t want to focus on it ourselves”, according to Edwin Terpstra - Senior Transport & Logistics Specialist at Vitablend.

The company - based in the Dutch city Wolvega - specializes in custom made nutritional premixes and antioxidant blends. It is a successful global player. Vitablend has a large customer portfolio, whereby each customer has different client-specific product demands that need to be transported under special conditions. Vitablend operates in two different branches within the industry: fortification and protection. Fortification products are innovative nutritional premixes to enrich food, like vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, and amino acids. Protection products are antioxidant blends for food and feed products that protect and improve nutritional quality and shelf lives.

Vitablend and Veenstra|Fritom came in contact with each other when Vitablend was dealing with a specific problem: the quality of their products deteriorated during transport. “Which led to the idea to use temperature-controlled transportation for these products”, explains Terpstra. “Because the products also contain certain substances which fall under ADR legislation, they must be transported under special conditions." Vitablends’ quest for the best logistic service supplier promptly ended when they found Veenstra|Fritom.

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The reason they started the partnership was the temperature-controlled transport service Veenstra|Fritom offered. “Now they take care of the groupage and inbound and outbound from the production location. Great steps we take together”. It is important to Vitablend they can focus on their core activities and don’t have to think about logistics. “We don’t want to have to worry about logistics. The services of Veenstra|Fritom completely take care of this, giving us peace of mind. The process is exceptionally organized: when we receive an order, it is forwarded to Veenstra|Fritom, who takes care of all further steps in the supply chain. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

The fact Veenstra|Fritom is also extremely punctual, brings added value to Vitablend. “Our customers don’t care about whether or not the product is transported under ADR legislation.

An additional benefit of Veenstra|Fritom is that they only charge extra for ADR, which doesn’t influence the delivery time. For the customers, and to us, this is crucial since our customers only want one thing: delivery of the products on the day and time agreed upon. Veenstra|Fritom excels at this, the fact that we as partners have our communications down to a minimum, tells you there are hardly any problems.”

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