Supplier Logistics

Are you considering to outsource your entire logistics process? Veenstra|Fritom makes sure you do not have to worry about it anymore. We have the necessary knowledge for making logistic processes run easy and flexible. This means that you can focus on your core business, whilst we take care of the logistics.

Expertise and customization guaranteed
Expertise and customization guaranteed
Low risk thanks to agreed minimum and maximum stock levels
Low risk thanks to agreed minimum and maximum stock levels
Supplier Logistics
Supplier Logistics
All Round Solution And Always Up To Date
All Round Solution And Always Up To Date

Expertise and customization guaranteed

We have been providing groundbreaking supplier logistics solutions to our Business-to-Business (B2B) clients since decades. These customers include companies like Auping, Nefit, and Biddle B.V. We organize all cargo flows for our customers, from suppliers to warehouse or assembly location. This improves the continuity of the logistic processes, and the product receipt process. Constant monitoring of the method is beneficial for you in terms of time and costs. And that’s not all! Next to taking care of the inbound logistics, we also take care of your outgoing logistics.

Because we use customized supplier logistics, you do not have to worry about your entire logistic supply chain. Together we look at possible required customizations, including the involvement of relations and suppliers.




Expertise en maatwerk gegarandeerd
All Round Solution And Always Up To Date

All-round solution and always up to date

We take full control of your flow of products, organizing the complete process of receiving and processing them. Everything is recorded in the Warehouse Management System (WMS), so you have immediate insight in your current warehouse stock. Do you suddenly need more raw materials or parts for your production? Not a problem, we also organize the supply of raw materials and parts: Just-in-Time (JIT), which indicates the process of only receiving materials when needed instead of keeping unnecessary stock.

At Veenstra|Fritom we see supplier logistics as the total control of your flow of goods, including:

  • Goods receipt / inbound logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Outbound logistics
  • JIT delivery of the required quantities: to you or to your client
  • Just-in-Sequence (JIS)
  • VAS and VAL activities

Advantages due to flexible costs

The flexible costs make supplier logistics the most economical solution for you as our customer. Our advanced ICT solutions make it possible for you to increase productivity and reduce costs. We achieve this through efficiency in the areas of administration and communication and making effective use of your space.

We also use the concept of Consignment Stock, in which your financial risks are limited and working capital is saved. We combine our innovative mind with a hands-on mentality, which pays off. That is why we are the professionals for you!

"A customer-supplier relationship is almost never as close as the one between Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom. When something comes up, they know what to do.”

Sjouke Land
Operations Director, Biddle BV

Biddle BV
Laag risico door minimum en maximum afspraken

Low risk thanks to agreed minimum and maximum stock levels

It is important for you to always be able to supply your customers with products, so you do not want to have unnecessarily large stocks. We always agree minimum and maximum stock levels with you, so that you run as little risk as possible. Through ‘alerting’ via email, you are kept up to date with the current stock levels. This avoids stock shortages and achieves stock reductions.

Take also advantage of:

  • Expertise and customized work guaranteed
  • All-round solution and always up-to-date
  • Benefit through flexible costs
  • Low risk due to agreed minimum and maximum stock levels

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