Sander De Boer

“Without Veenstra|Fritom as a partner, we wouldn’t have been able to grow logistically at this level”.

Sander de Boer — Director of Operations, PyraSied

The demand of many companies is changing, as acrylic specialist Pyrasied has noticed that many of its customers nowadays demand fast delivery. The focus within the company is ‘made-to-measure business', which means that the customer orders a product in a specific format, after which Pyrasied produces it for them. “Custom-made products, accurate to the millimetre and thanks to Veenstra|Fritom also delivered quickly.”

Pyrasied is a wholesaler and specialist in the processing of synthetics mainly focused on design and aesthetic plastics. In addition, the company has a huge stock of acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate (lexan) and design plastics. Pyrasied mainly supplies the construction industry, such as shipbuilding and (retail) interior design. In addition, the company is quite active in the lighting market.

"Since our expansion, there was also a larger need for transport. From that moment on, Veenstra|Fritom came into the picture. The biggest advantage is that they extremely flexible, they can transport all of our products, no matter the size. Large, small, deviating shipments: it's no problem at all. An additional advantage is that Veenstra|Fritom takes care of the collection of containers from the port of Rotterdam.

Nowadays there is a growing demand for fast deliveries and Veenstra|Fritom is happy to respond to that demand. "By strategizing the business process of Pyrasied with Veenstra|Fritom, we can achieve this. We would not have been able to grow as much if Veenstra|Fritom hadn't been our logistics partner. They take care of a lot of things themselves with our supplier, which means that we hardly have to deal with it. This brings peace of mind within the organization. You work towards something together and when we expand, Veenstra|Fritom grows effortlessly with this. As such, we are not slowed down, but are supported by our transporter. That's very nice!’'

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The fact that Pyrasied and Veenstra|Fritom are both very customer-driven means that the companies have been able to build up a rock-solid collaboration. "The orders are booked online via TMS. We can do this until late in the afternoon, with a daily pick-up. Because of this, Veenstra|Fritom always knows immediately what can be expected on the day in question. For the customer it is obviously very important that they know when they can expect the product. Track & Trace offers the solution, the customer always has access to and receives the right and necessary information. This saves time in the logistical process, so that we can focus on the production process. Something we are good at, here at Pyrasied”.

"Even though we sell the product, Veenstra|Fritom delivers it to our customer. We believe that: 'You can still sell a beautiful and vulnerable product, but the way it is delivered is essential'. The only influence we have on this, is choosing a good and reliable transporter. With the services of Veenstra|Fritom we have found a partner who can handle a vulnerable product well and deliver it within 24 hours throughout the Netherlands. For us, this is the ideal transport combination".

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