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"A customer-supplier relationship is almost never as close as the one between Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom. When something comes up, they know what to do.”

Sjouke Land — Operations Director, Biddle BV

As a LEAN company it is imperative to have a good logistic partner. Something Biddle B.V, located in Kootstertille, the Netherlands and part of Carver Climate System, quickly found out. This partner didn’t just need to bring parcels from A to B, but they also had to take care of and help support and think about the overall logistic business process. To realize this Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom started their partnership in October of 2013.

The unique and special collaboration with Biddle is a voyage of discovery. A combination of staff employees of both Veenstra|Fritom and Biddle, formed the ideal team with required skills. To make this team possible, colleagues were taken away from their daily activities to invest time, energy and knowledge to come up with a logistic concept that would be would be mutually beneficial for both parties. “A customer-supplier relationship almost never is as close as the one between Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom”, Sjouke continues. “A solid company, with their own IT department, knowledge and experience: having them as our logistic partner provides us with the right equipment to bring logistic peace of mind to our customers.”

Together we’ve invested a lot of time to develop the service Supplier Logistics, as it is today. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to persuade suppliers. But a combined presentation of Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom convinced suppliers of the concept. “From the beginning it was noticeable that there was more structure in the production and streamlining. Everything produced in a day went straight to the warehouse in Heeg, the Netherlands. Giving us a lot of space, and on top of that we don’t have to worry about clients picking up their products.” To create logistic peace of mind, Biddle handed all its logistic processes over to Veenstra|Fritom: from warehousing and supplier transportations to Biddle-customer deliveries.


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Important part of the collaboration is to guarantee continuity and strive for a confidence interval of almost 100%, which is certainly achieved in this case. “You always strive for perfection, but you have to be realistic in this business. Drivers of Veenstra|Fritom transport products across Europe and even make it to the most remote locations. In transportation you are dependent of many external factors of which you have no influence on. If you compare this to the reliable delivery rate, both parties are satisfied.”

Although Biddle and Veenstra|Fritom are located in different parts in the northern part of the Netherlands, they are both companies from the Dutch province of Friesland. “It creates a bond. You just have to say the word and we know what to do. When drivers of Veenstra|Fritom enter our building, they are greeted the same way as our own colleagues. At Biddle we have the feeling Veenstra|Fritom is a part of our work family.”

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