Leon Van Hooff, Purchase Manager Ecostyle

“It really appeals to us that Veenstra|Fritoms’ business operations are focussed on sustainability”

Leon van Hooff — Purchase Manager, ECOStyle

When you think about natural and eco-friendly products for garden, animals, and agriculture, you think ECOstyle from the Dutch city of Oosterwolde. The family business was founded in the 1960s by potato merchant Jan Zwart, who noticed that the use of fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals for the agricultural sector, disrupted a healthy soil life and the environment. Therefore, he searched for better and more eco-friendly solutions. In its quest to accomplish its mission ECOstyle searches for specific partners in its chain: “What appeals to us, is that Veenstra|Fritoms’ business operations are focussed on sustainability.”

Compared to the 1960s the company has changed and grown immensely. The third generation of the family Zwart is now leading the company. ECOstyle operates and innovates using the power and strength of nature and provides effective products for a healthy soil, plants and animals for consumers and professionals. In 2020, the company generates most of its turnover from the sale of garden products and the remainder from products for pets, animal husbandry, agriculture and landscaping. In recent years ECOstyle has grown immensely and has, amongst other things, built a beautiful and sustainable building at Ecomunity Park near Oosterwolde, which was awarded with the BREEAM Outstanding certificate. After growing so much, ECOstyle in 2002 started to look for a logistic partner with the same core values. It is essential for the company that this partner is continuously trying to implement and improve its sustainability, both in their chain as in transport.

Focussed on a long-term sustainable customer-supplier relationship, the company found the ideal transporter in Veenstra|Fritom. “We have done business for many years now with Veenstra|Fritom and I can only say we are really pleased with them”, according to Mr Van Hooff from ECOstyle. This is because Veenstra Fritom’s business operations are really focussed on socially responsible and sustainable business, matching ECOstyle’s philosophy perfectly. “Veenstra|Fritom is, as our transporter, in direct contact with many of our customers. For us it is therefore really important that they, like us, think about and keep working on themes dealing with people, environment, society and added value.”

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Over the years a good bond formed between the partners. “Because of our long-term relationship, the people of Veenstra|Fritom know and understand the business, customers and philosophy of ECOstyle really well. One of their strengths is that they are solution-orientated and always there for us. The fact that we are both family businesses make for an extra special bond.” The positive feedback doesn’t end there, when Mr Van Hooff starts talking about communication: “We just have to say the word and the staff of Veenstra|Fritom knows what to do. If you ask me, their direct way of communicating is what makes them stand out from the crowd. After almost 20 years you could say we are two peas in a pod. And that is really nice.”

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