Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of our core values. At Veenstra|Fritom we are part of society and therefore we also want to contribute to it. Our CSR-strategy is a set part of our business strategy, ensuring we follow up on it in our daily processes and core activities.

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At Veenstra|Fritom are focused on balancing people, planet, and profit as much as possible. This means that we as a business commit ourselves spending part of our profit to social, economic, and ecological affairs.

People: being a good employer with the focus on health and vitality

Job satisfaction, health, and vitality are of a high importance to us. We are a really close-knit family business, in which good co-operation between employees and with the customer is most important. At Veenstra|Fritom we like to contribute to this. That is why we have fruit available at our sites on daily base and employees get the opportunity to take courses and training.

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Planet: Logistic sustainability

We have been taking care of our customers domestic distribution since 1928. Using large goods vehicles (LGVs) to drive back and forth between our warehouses in Heeg, Deventer and our co-operation with Sanders|Fritom in Uden makes us more sustainable. These trucks allow us to carry 30% more volume, resulting in less travel and thus less CO2 emission.

We at Veenstra|Fritom also coordinate and exchange cargo chains with our sister company Sanders|Fritom in Uden. By consolidating our flows, we can handle more shipments within the same region, while both shortening our mileage and reducing our CO2 emission considerably.

Since 2020 our systems have automatically been sending driving skill analyses to the drivers, with the aim getting insight in their driving skills. Drivers get a total score and a tip based on how they scored according to several set values. The analyses help us to drive fuel efficient and reduce maintenance and damage repairs. To save energy, we also replaced all old lighting at our sites with LED lighting in 2019.

On top of this, we also work with Stichting Heemspark Heeg to restore the bee population in Heeg. To do this, rapeseed has been planted in a 12,000 m2 meadow, owned by Veenstra|Fritom. The plants of these seeds bloom profusely and are therefore a great food source for wild bees and honeybees. A great example on how we contribute to the preservation and improvement of flora and fauna!

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People: part of society

Part of our CSR policy is our local involvement. To make a positive contribution to the municipality, we support a range of local activities and good causes, like the Heegemer Skûtsje (competing Friesian sailing ship) and local sports clubs. We also have trailers and equipment available on a regular basis for various social purposes, for guided tours and to give talks to schools about topics such as the importance of good lighting and the danger of blind spots in traffic.

With pleasure, we tell you more about Veenstra|Fritom's CSR philosophy

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