A.S.F. Fischer

Danny Pijlmna, A.S.F. Fischer

“Our customers see our carrier often as an extension of our service”

Danny Pijlman — Warehouse manager, A.S.F. Fischer

An excellent example of a long-term relationship of Veenstra|Fritom is the one they have with A.S.F. Fischer BV from Lelystad, the Netherlands. The importer of fasteners, from screws and plugs to products to repair cracks, sees several trucks of Veenstra|Fritom daily on their premises to pick up their products. “Our customers often see our carrier as an extension of our service. When Veenstra shows up they know the products of A.S.F. have arrived.”

The products and concepts of A.S.F. Fischer are supplied to professionals in the trade and construction industry. To deliver quickly and correctly to customers a great deal is invested in the logistic process. To illustrate the storage capacity has been expanded considerably and in-depth automation was implemented at the entry control and order picking.

The collaboration with Veenstra|Fritom started 16 years ago when the company faced a problem with transportation of its pallets. “We were urgently looking for a new carrier that was a good fit with our company’s philosophy. Veenstra|Fritom was a good match from the beginning. And that shows, because to this day we are more than pleased with our collaboration”, states Danny Pijlman, warehouse manager at A.S.F. Fischer.

The shipment to customers is an important part of the logistic process for the importer. Since the partnership Veenstra|Fritom takes care of the pallet transport. “Two to three trucks from Veenstra|Fritom arrive on a daily basis to load around 75 pallets. A big advantage is its location in Heeg, the Netherlands. When trucks are on the way back to the northern part of the Netherlands, they can easily pick up our pallets because we are located on their way back to their home base.”

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Veenstra|Fritom Bij A.S.F. Fischer

Danny Pijlman emphasizes once again that A.S.F. Fischer is extremely satisfied with how the sustainable cooperation has developed over the years: “Veenstra|Fritom really proved to be a reliable partner. The communication with their staff is of optimal quality, causing shipments to be delivered correctly and on time. We find the personal contact really pleasant, all employees of Veenstra|Fritom support us in finding the best possible solutions.”

Due to digitalization and continuous changes in the world of distribution, a logistic partner needs to be able to adapt. “Shorter delivery times are always expected. This asks for flexible planning and the status updates of shipments to be easily accessible. This has never been a problem and one of the main reasons we, to this day, are still satisfied with Veenstra|Fritom.”

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