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From a single Opel truck to the logistic service provider offering smart solutions.

1928: The start of a family business

Entrepreneur Wessel Veenstra bought his first truck, an Opel with a single-axle trailer, when he was 25 years old. All his six sons start working for the family business as well.

1947: Veenstra Expediteurs

Wessel’s truck was shot to pieces by a British plane during World War II. But thanks to the Marshall Aid he was able to purchase a new Ford truck. He and his sons continue the business under the name Veenstra Expediteurs, which stands for Veenstra shipping agents. From that time onwards they focus on international transport, mainly to Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. Laying down the foundation for the current logistic services across Europe.

1967: Growth and takeover

It is going well for Veenstra Expediteurs; the company has now fifteen trucks and seventeen employees. Father Wessel proudly hands over the business to his sons.

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1968: Stronger together

Veenstra Expediteurs starts a co-operation with two other family businesses in the province of Friesland: Doorenbos and Wiersma. This results in the founding of Melkweg Bolsward, the first step in what later becomes the Fritom Group.

1974: Expanding with a vision

The business expands and the company purchases a piece of land, outside Heeg. This is the location in which the third generation comes into the family business as well. Experts, like commercial employees, are also brought in. With the right people in the right place, Veenstra continues to grow fast.

The 1980s: The creation of Eurogroupage

The company transitions from traditional carrier to specialist in groupage and distribution. Resulting in the Eurogroupage brand. Clients send in their orders in and Veenstra takes care of the entire supply chain, which allows clients to concentrate solely on their core activities.

1998: Fritom

In 1998 the three family businesses Doorenbos, Wiersma and Veenstra form the Fritom Group, which the Veenstra|Fritom company is now part of. Nowadays Fritom is a holding with seven logistics businesses and ten locations; each with its own identity and specialization. All companies are independently operating businesses that co-operate where necessary in the fields of knowledge and organization, so clients get the best possible solution to each and every logistic challenge.

Today: Provider of customer focused logistic service

More than 90 years after the start of the company in 1928, there are 130 employees in various departments, working together to find the best logistic solutions for our clients. Our services include transport, shipping, warehousing, and other logistic solutions. Our company’s motto is ‘a deal is a deal, with a permanent belief in quality’.

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